School College Management ERP Software

School/College Management Software has been developed as per the specific requirements of the educational institutes like schools and colleges and can be customized to suit specific requirements of any institutes that has similar tasks like schools and colleges.

School/College Management Software is a powerful, fully integrated school administrative software suite developed for schools large, small, public or private. This software makes it much easier for staff to update, share and distribute student information, whether it’s from a single school or district-wide database. It is easier to monitor individual student and class development, and update grades, attendance, discipline and more instantly from any computer or Pocket PC. Complete student histories, for all school years, are easily searched, viewed and reported on.

Modules include

  • Student Admission
  • Fee Module
  • Exam Module
  • Reports
  • Course Configuration
  • Examination
  • Scholarship
  • Clinical Rotation
  • Application Overview

Student Biographical System

The Biographical System is the heart of School/College Management Software Generations. This system seamlessly integrates with the rest of the School/College Management Software suite. We provide a secure environment enabling staff to access, share, and update student data faster and easier than ever before. Also stores teacher certification, degrees, time constraints and availability. This systems takes care of student admission, fee, course configuration, scholarship modules.

System Wide Modules

Precision Report Writer Module extends and simplifies the report writing process and can create reports, spreadsheets, labels, graphs and more. Mail Merge Module produces letters, labels and emails based on student statistics.

  • Scanner Input Module
  • Parental Internet Access Module/
  • Telephone Messaging Module
  • Attendance Reporting System

School/College Management Software keeps school’s attendance records precise and up-to-date. Maintains attendance activity, prints daily attendance bulletins and lists, calculates statistical data including: Average Daily Attendance (ADA); Average Daily Membership (ADM), percentages, and totals. This flexible and easy-to-use program accepts input from multiple sources, uses school’s individual attendance codes and prints both built-in and custom reports.

Class Attendance Module maintains attendance activity for each period and/or class.

State Reporting Module produces state-required reports in ready-to-mail format.

On-Line Attendance Module allows teachers to record attendance from the classroom.

Bar-Code Attendance Module — Enter attendance and automatically record tardy and dismissal times with a bar code wand or gun reader.

Student Scheduling System

Schedules Students into courses and sections for standard scheduling schemes such as four-quarter, six-term and trimester, and accommodates non-standard term configurations. Prints student, teacher room schedules as well as class lists and master schedules. Includes many features like block and team scheduling to meet the needs of almost any school. Automatically balances seating enrollments.

Master Schedule Builder Module — Blends the best of interactive and automated scheduling techniques


Study Hall Module — Schedules students sequentially or with balanced seating. Prints study hall lists, enrollments and schedules. Discipline Monitoring System

This easy-to-use system monitors disciplinary issues in your school from tracking students’ infractions and actions to gathering data on school-wide behavior patterns, to generating school violence reports. This system will help provide data required for portions of No Child Left Behind. School/College Management Software Discipline Monitoring Software provides a comprehensive set of record-keeping and reporting tools for tracking discipline infractions and actions. Increase student accountability. Track infraction locations that occur in school, outside of the classroom and at school sponsored events, e.g., an infraction that occurs in room 202, on a bus, in the hallway, at a football game and so on. Keeps track of “open disciplinary actions,” such as detentions or parent-teacher conferences that have yet to be fulfilled.

Grade Reporting System

This system handles exam and results module. This system Handles letters and numeric grades up to 10 levels of GPA and Class Rank. Prints progress reports, report cards and transcripts and enables hundreds of user-defined comments. Quickly and accurately calculate honor rolls, class ranks, credits and GPAs. A school has the ability to define their own marking periods, such as creating true interim marking periods.


  • Streamlines School Administrative Tasks
  • Improves School to Home Communication
  • Maximizes Productivity
  • Fits your School’s Needs
  • Is Affordable and Reliable