Directory Listing Portal

Directory Listing Portal

Listing Web Portals are used for purpose of gather lots of users. so features-wise, content ,Visually and context wise, listing websites are different from others websites. so , no fluffy website is required and neither the visitors come for reading the fluffy content. They visit listing websites to see the updated lists of new job opportunities, real estate properties available new , sale products or others.

For Listing Website Solutions We Offer

Real Estate Listing: We have profound knowledge and experience of building real estate listing modern websites. We know the key elements that real estate listing website should have.

Job Portal: Job portal is also the listing website, but it’s presentation is not like to others. We know the need of a job portal website and build it accordingly.

Directory: In directory websites, companies list their businesses in order to create a business listing for their website. Our web developers and designers are well trained for building such websites.

Responsiveness: Each website we build, we make sure that mobile user is not left behind.

Maintenance: If not complete website development, but you only need minor tweaks in your website, we do that too.

Progsquare Technologies is the best place to make listing web portal development in Karnal Kurukshetra and panipat region of haryana. Progsquare have dedicated and well experienced professionals where we work hard to meet the requirements of the client. Our team provided service to the clients in each and every part of karnal kurukshetra and panipat. Our team is one of the best teams in Haryana to provide listing web portal development, till now we have developed more than 20 websites in delhi ,Haryana and Mohali related to listing web portal development.