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Re-Introducing JDBC Review of JDBC architecture Review of JDBC driver types Discussion of evolution of JDBC from version 1.0 through 2.0 and 3.0 Database concepts review Relational database terminology SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements Transactions, logging, isolation, and concurrency Key JDBC classes and the java.sql package DriverManager and DataSource Connection Statement, PreparedStatement, and CallableStatement ResultSet Extra features supported by the javax.sql package Rowsets Application development activities using the basic JDBC concepts Building an interface for selecting records Building a data-drilldown example Building interfaces for inserting, updating, and deleting records Connecting to databases Selecting and installing a database driver Connecting to the database via a network address Connecting to the database based on information supplied by JNDI (the Java Naming and Directory Interface) Using the java.sql.DataSource class Increasing performance with connection pooling Opening and closing the connection Handling ClassNotFoundException and SQLException Working with a database connection Controlling transaction behavior Using getWarning and clearWarnings to retrieve, respond to, and clear warnings Creating statements, prepared statements, and callable statements Retrieving and using database metadata Ad-Hoc SQL queries with Statement and PreparedStatement Creating a Statement object Executing a SQL statement Using executeQuery() for statements that return a ResultSet


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