It offers a simple solution to start an online store.  If you have a product or service for  selling  online, you will need build your store on some type of shopping cart web appliation/software. A lot  of e-commerse software providers on the market.

Using BigCommerce, your customers can buy from their phones.  it  stores look great on the most commonly used mobile devices  And the best part is, you don’t have to purchase a completely separate mobile website system…it’s built right in with BigCommerce.

Features of BigCommer

SEO Features – As BigCommerce was developed and optimized by the best SEO expert in the world, Aaron Wall.  The shopping cart includes many do-it-yourself SEO Tools- that you can use right out of the box.  SEO gives you the best chance of landing on the front page of Google.
It allows you to sell all over the world, with multiple currency support and worldwide shipping provider integration.

Sell retail and whlesale with only one big-commerse store.

Do-it-yourself online stores are a reality with BigCommerce.